Artist Residency | The James Black Gallery

Artist Residency | The James Black Gallery

In July, I became a permanent artist resident of the James Black Gallery. As a artist resident I am connected to the local Vancouver art community, hosting and curating shows and exhibitions. At the JBG I use light to amplify shows and provide a spatial design mind to the planing of operations.

About the James Black Gallery

The James Black Gallery is dedicated to artists showing their work without having to pay a percentage out to the gallery. Artists-in-residence show their work, curate, and run the space. The JBG is located in a heritage building in Mount Pleasant (est. 1889). Our focus is to provide emerging artists a location in which they can practice presentation and experiment with ideas.

The space not only hosts events, but has studio space and a sculpture workshop. Artists are encouraged to try out different mediums and experiment with the equipment in house.

Currently there is bi-monthly curation done by the residents as well as weekly open studio hours for drop-in. Contact us for information on events, workshops, guest residencies, donations, or studio rentals.