Bio & CV

An explorer of unique ideas; Neil is interested in creating large scale installations that alter a person’s perception of what is possible. Currently he is working with established public sculptors, wood architects and robotic engineers. Neil is establishing his own practice which combines RGB lighting with sacred geometry.


Neil Manchon is an industrial designer and sculptor that uses both traditional and digital methods to create dynamic products and sculptural forms. Raised in Houston, Texas and graduated from Emily Carr University in May 2016 with a Bachelors of Design degree. Neil is 24 years old with a background of science, art, outdoorsmanship, geometry and community engagement. He is a live in artist resident of the James Black Gallery located in Vancouver, BC. Neil volunteers with a student architecture group, Design.Build.Research, a NPO of Michael Green Architecture and at eatART, a  collective of engineers that focus on spreading energy awareness through art. His skills are based in materials and digital fabrication with the ability to weld, construct and digitally produce forms. Spatial Creativity is his specialty allowing him to form intricate 3D lattices that draw an observer’s gaze from a distance.

Work Experience

Teacher Assistant. Design.Build.Research. Supervisor: James Munns. July 2015-present

CAD Consultant & Fabricator. IE Creative Artworks. Vandermeer.  Freelance. February 2014-present

Rigger Technician. Riggit Services Inc. May 2015-October 2015

Research Assistant. Material Matters Supervisor: Keith Doyle. October 2014-July 2015

Site Worker. Ronse Massey Developments. Supervisor: Mike Carstairs. May 2013-August 2013


Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design. September 2012-May 2016.

Design.Build.Research. Community Architecture. November 2014-March 2015

University of Victoria. Engineering & Sculpture. September 2010-May 2011.


Prosthesis: the Anti-Robot. Supervisor: Jonathan Tippett. June 2015- January 2016

Blue Marble Labs. Supervisor: Keith Doyle. February 2015

Clothing as Conversation. Supervisor: Helene Day Fraser. October 2014

Trading Routes: Grease Trails, Oil Futures. Supervisor: Ruth Beer. February 2014

Installations & Art Grants

Tower of Radiance. Burn in the Forest. Cheam Village, BC. July 2016

Towers of Radiance. Bass Coast. Merritt, Bc. July 2016

Tower of Radiance. Camping 5.0. Hope, BC. June 2016

Towers of Radiance. What the Festival. Dufur, Oregon. June, 2016

ILLUMINATED FORMS. Recharge GVIAS.  Art Grant. Vancouver, BC. February 2016

Tetra Mass. eatART Halloween. Maker Labs. Vancouver, BC. October 2015

Tetra Mass. Atmosphere Gathering Festiva. Art Grant. Cumberland, BC. August 2015

Tetra Mass. Bass Coast Festival. Art Grant. Merritt, BC.  July 2015

Sine Tower. Ron Basford Park. Granville Island, Vancouver, BC. March 2014

Group Exhibitions

Tower of Radiance. Art Waste. Red Gate Arts Collective. Vacouver, BC. June 2016

ILLUMINATED FORMS. The Show at Emily Carr University. Vancouver, BC. May 2016

FIRE WALL. IRL:URL. James Black Gallery. Vancouver, BC. March 2016

Tetra Mass. Topographics. James Black Gallery. Vancouver, BC. February 2015

Wave Cube. Gimme Shelter.  Concourse Gallery. Vancouver, BC. October 2014

Wave Cube. Blue Shift. Van Document. James Black Gallery. Vancouver, BC. September 2014

Dodecahandshake. Art Revolution. Concourse Gallery. Vancouver, BC. February 2014

SunBearFlower. Foundation Show. Concourse Gallery. Vancouver, BC. 2013