DBR Lion’s Marquee

DBR Lion’s Marquee

In  November of 2015 I took part in the second class of the ermging architecture & design school called Design.Build.Research. or DBR.  Over the course of 5 months a mixed group of students from 4 universities designed and rapidly built a double A-Frame structure for TED2015. I was the student project manager and facilitated with the teachers, workers and students as well as delegating task.

Exert taken From the DBR Course Webpage:

The Lions Marquee structure sits on the waterfront overlooking the magnificent North Shore Mountains and Stanley Park. It also sits next to the beautiful Vancouver Convention Centre.

The Lions Marquee is built to enclose a temporary TED2015 picnic space on the west plaza of the Convention Centre. The structure will ultimately be moved to a new home in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver to become a market.

The Marquee is designed and built by 17 students from 4 universities, with various project partners, under the direction of the not for profit DBR | Design Build Research Institute.

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Lions Marquee Build TimeLapse

News Article Links about the Project:

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TED conference canopy to benefit Downtown Eastside Street Market

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Photo credit: Ema Peter

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