Industrial Nature was the first large scale project the implemented with the Tetra Jig. The Tetra Jig, seen in the top right corner, which is a laser cut jig that affords four lengths of 1/4” steel rod geometrically aligned to form a tetrahedral once welded at the centerpoint. The lattice is made of over 200 individually cut 5” long, 1/4” steel rods welded into tetrahedrals, then welded into hexagonal layers, and then the hexagonal layers are stacked to be welded into the full form. The hexagonal lattice is very strong compared to its weight, with the form itself only weighing 30 lbs but able to support 2 grown men standing on its highest point. The symmetrical lattice shape can be positioned on a multitude of faces that all create different viewing angles for the observer. Industrial Nature is itself a scaled model of concepts and ideas to construct truly mega-sculptures.