Neil Manchon

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Neil Manchon is an Industrial Designer and Spatial Sculptor with a passion for creating tangible forms that incorporate scientific pursuits. He was born and raised in Houston, TX, and initially pursued engineering at the University of Victoria. However, after a year of engineering and art studies, he decided to switch his major and attend Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC, where he earned his B.Des in Industrial Design in 2016.

After graduation, Neil became an artist in residence at the James Black Gallery, where he focused on his art and curating events and openings. He also worked in Vancouver’s film prop industry at White Monkey Design, where he designed and fabricated props for various productions.

In 2020, Neil started his own design and prototyping company called Knowhere Design. The studio specializes in rapid prototyping utilizing 3D printers, iteration, and evocative demographic desires. Neil’s skills and passion have created many interesting artistic lines, including Topographic and Geometric. The topographic line uses GIS mapping data to create illuminated 3D relief maps of any place in the world, while the geometric line uses crystal structure to inspire the forms of unique lattice sculptures and jewelry.

As an industrial designer and director, Neil has worked with engineers, architects, prop masters, and established artists to create viable solutions to design opportunities. He has worked on various projects, including Origami Paddler, the first hard shell folding kayak/paddleboard, and various film and TV productions such as The Flash and Deadpool 2. Neil is skilled in Solidworks, Creo, Rhino3D, Blender, Adobe Creative Suite, point cloud, and 3D scanning. He is also experienced in 3D printing, CNC, metalwork, and rapid prototyping.

Neil is an American citizen with Canadian permanent residence and is seeking to develop design and art relationships the world over. He is always looking to collaborate with others on future projects and continue to create beautiful works of art.




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