As the creator of Wine|Sine, I am thrilled to present this innovative wine rack that seamlessly blends art and functionality. Wine|Sine is a true testament to my commitment to sustainability and reverence for the natural world. I designed this wine rack to use the least amount of material possible while incorporating sacred geometry into the design.

Crafted from laser-cut baltic birch wave sections, each piece is perfectly nested to allow the laser to cut the top of one wave while cutting the bottom of the next wave. The notched design of each wave section allows them to fit seamlessly into the next like Legos. This design can be scaled to fit any number of wine bottles, making it both practical and versatile.

I am proud to have used sustainable materials in the creation of Wine|Sine. This wine rack is not only beautiful but also environmentally conscious. By incorporating sacred geometry into the design, I aimed to create a functional art piece that evokes a sense of wonder and awe in the viewer.

Wine|Sine is a reflection of my commitment to creating functional and sustainable art that elevates the living space. I am honored to share this piece with the world, and I hope it will bring joy and elegance to those who use it.