My thesis project at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC, was ILLUMINATED FORMS, which I completed when I graduated in Industrial Design in 2016. The project was the culmination of three years of research focused on the 3D shape of the tetrahedral, the fundamental building block of a tetrahedron or triangular-pyramid, similar to how a circle is the most basic 2D shape and seven circles form the flower of life. By dividing a tetrahedral in half, two conjoining perpendicular “V”s are formed, each with an angle of 109.47 degrees. When these “V”s are arrayed linearly, they create a distinctive triangular wave that forms the lengths of a form. The project offers multiple structures using a meter-long wave module embedded with LEDs, which are connected to corresponding modules to create light walls, towers, ceilings, and arches, all inspired by the sacred geometry of 3D space.