During my second year at DBR School, I had the opportunity to be a teacher assistant in the program. As the second-in-command to the shop and design lead, I oversaw the operation of the CNC machine and provided guidance to students on its basic usage. We constructed two warming huts using overlapping arched sections for the ribs and double spine of the structure. On the first day, we erected the skeleton, and on the next, we installed the shrinkwrap. When it came time to install the structures for TED 2016, I was the site lead, responsible for organizing the students, materials, and construction on site. The most impressive aspect of this project was that it only took us 17 days, from the day we installed the CNC machine in our shop to the day of installation. The warming huts are now being permanently installed at my friend’s property in Pemberton, BC.

Exert taken From the DBR Course Webpage:

“ELEVATE is a temporary installation of two warming huts for the TED2016 conference, inspired by high-alpine shelters and the backcountry winter experience that BC mountains offer. The unique wood structures were designed and built by local students as part of a three-month design-build course.”


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