Industrial Nature is a project that showcases the remarkable capabilities of the Tetra Jig, a laser-cut jig located in the top right corner of the sculpture. The Tetra Jig allows for four 1/4” steel rods to be welded together geometrically, forming a tetrahedral shape. The sculpture is composed of over 200 individual 5” long steel rods, each welded into tetrahedrons and then further combined into hexagonal layers. Finally, these hexagonal layers are stacked and welded into the full form of the sculpture. Despite weighing only 30 lbs, the hexagonal lattice is incredibly strong, able to support the weight of two grown men standing on its highest point. The symmetrical lattice shape is designed to be viewed from various angles, creating a different perspective for the viewer each time. Industrial Nature serves as a scaled model for the construction of mega-sculptures, showcasing the potential for incorporating complex geometries in large-scale art.