Tetra Mass is the result of an ongoing effort to explore the tetrahedral form, a fundamental geometric shape with a wide range of applications. While the initial inspiration for the form came from childhood connector toys, its significance extends far beyond mere playthings. Indeed, the tetrahedral structure is present in some of the most basic molecules known to science, including carbon, methane, and water.

The modular nature of the tetrahedral form makes it particularly well-suited for mass alignment of individual modules, allowing for a vast range of possible configurations. The connectors are designed for laser cutting and the straws are easily sourced, offering endless possibilities for expansion and experimentation.

Tetra Mass received an art grant for installation at the Bass Coast Music and Art Festival in Merritt, BC in the summer of 2015. The installation consisted of a suspended tetrahedral cube that spun freely in the wind, captivating festival-goers and serving as a reference point for planning future sculptures and forms. The project continues to serve as a valuable modeling tool for exploring the infinite possibilities of the tetrahedral form.