Radiant Contours is an artistic triumph that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional installations, achieving an immersive representation of Southwestern British Columbia’s breathtaking landscapes. Inspired by the scenic wonders from the Sunshine Coast to Vancouver, Whistler, and south Vancouver Island, this 2-meter by 2-meter masterpiece intricately weaves together meticulous 3D printed tiles, internally illuminated to manifest mesmerizing bit image patterns. The installation not only captures the region’s topographical features but also invites viewers to experience the terrain in a wholly unique and visually enchanting manner, thanks to carefully integrated projection mapping that adds an interactive dimension to captivate event attendees.

More than just an aesthetically pleasing creation, Radiant Contours serves as a dynamic platform for community engagement, forging a connection between locals and visitors with the natural splendor that envelops them. Supported by locally sourced BC yellow cedar, Radiant Contours becomes a cultural symbol, embodying the artistic legacy of generations of woodworkers. With weatherproof materials and secure framing, the installation stands resilient as a centerpiece at outdoor events, offering a testament to the region’s creative spirit. Radiant Contours beckons all to explore and cherish the distinctive landscapes that make Southwestern British Columbia truly extraordinary.

Research, Design & Build